About Juanita Barrow

Juanita Barrow is a contemporary artist painting in a realistic style. She is very interested in infusing light into her paintings and depicting the way light affects color. Although many of her paintings are landscapes she also enjoys painting horses and other animals.

Juanita received her degree in art education in1975 and her masters in art education in 1980. She spent thirty three years in education mostly as an art teacher. She also worked in ceramics during that time creating sculptural teapots, ocarinas and other utilitarian objects. In the late 1990’s she became interested in jewelry and metals fabrication and pursued those interests as well. She still creates ceramic sculptural objects and does some jewelry fabrication. However Juanita is now returning to her interests in painting and is beginning to paint.  She recently entered one of her paintings in the Columbus Artists Guild Members' Exhibit where she won an award as a first exhibitor.  She also plans to show work in the upcoming Alumni Exhibit at the University of West Georgia, the Vanderbilt University Medical School's 3rd Annual Art Exhibit in Nashville, Tennesee, and the Georgia National Fair in Perry, Georgia.

Juanita lives near Columbus, Georgia with her husband and pets. Most of the ideas for her paintings come from the surrounding countryside, from their land in Taylor County, Georgia and from her travels. Currently her work can be found online. She can be contacted by e-mail at createdbyjuanitaatyahoo [dot] com.

The copyright for each art work on this site remains with the artist. NO unauthorized reproductions of these works is permissible without written permission from Juanita Barrow.